Mirror, mirror on the wall: which is the ugliest cat of all?

You can sense the sweetness and affection in your kitten’s eyes as it glows and purrs gently. So, why would these adorable furries be ugly?

Nonetheless, because we have observed an increase in individuals proactively looking online for the ugliest cat breeds, we have compiled a list of our favorite ugly cat breeds!

Because, whether it’s a case of “adorable to me, hideous to you,” or individuals simply enjoy the concept of owning a characteristically “ugly” cat as a pet. 

After all, little Yoda’s ugly cuteness made him renowned and loved!

The ugliest cat breeds have a large following these days. Is “being distinctive” that sets you apart from the ordinary or the conventional?

Humans have always been interested in non-ordinary and piqued their interest. Such an aberration in cats is one-of-a-kind and has a mystical allure: you can’t tear your gaze away from it.

So let’s go through the top 12 ugliest cats in the world!

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1. Lykoi

Lykoi cat

The Lykoi is the world’s most unattractive cat breed. Because of the absence of fur around the eyes, snout, and other portions of the body, the Lykoi is sometimes alluded to as a werewolf. 

Its very moniker is taken from the Greek word Lycos, which means “wolf.” The Lykoi gained its appearance from a naturally present abnormality in a feral colony of domestic shorthairs.

This cat is hyper-delicate about its surroundings. The fur on its body is deemed protective hair rather than an undercoat. To make matters worse, their fur appears harsh but is actually soft.

2. Donskoy

Donskoy Cat

The Donskoy is a totally hairless breed, complete with unsightly, wrinkled, and alien-like features. Even its whiskers are strange. 

The Donskoy emerged in Soviet Russia when a woman rescued a kitten being tortured by two boys. Varvara, the kitten, became the founding cat from which the breed was developed. But, they are unquestionably among the most unsightly animals.

The Donskoy cat is kind as well as clever. They are also wonderful pets for allergy sufferers since they shed little to no hair. However, they need stable temperatures all year, and you will often see Donskoys donning a cardigan in winter.

3. Peterbald

Peter Bald cat

The Peterbald is among the world’s ugliest cats, with huge ears, lengthy, narrow mandibles, and wrinkled skin. Peterbald is a cat species that stemmed in Russia.

It was conceived in St Petersburg in 1994 due to a breeding attempt by Olga S. Mironova. 

They carry a hair-loss gene and can be born with a hairless body, curled, velvety, or straight. Aside from flat coats, ones born with hair may experience hair loss over time. They come in a wide range of shades and patterns. 

The rat-like tail is one of the terrifying traits, and this breed’s wrinkled, squinty look may be regarded as the supreme stick in the mud.

4. Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

Remarkably, the effort put in to design a cat with this look was deliberate. This kitty Frankenstein is not a fluke of fate but the result of human struggle.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a unique cat breed with inward-folding ears and fur. This breed, known as the Ukrainian Levkoy, is a modern artificial breed developed by Elena Biriukova in Ukraine.

The breed was created by crossing or outbreeding hairless Donskoy females with Scottish Fold men. Hence, the Ukrainian Levkoy has a distinct physical look. 

Many believe that the tiny, bent ears make the cat seem weirder and less cat-like than other hairless varieties. Levkoys are lively, friendly creatures who are continuously seeking human attention.

5. Elf Cat

Elf Cat

The hairless Elf Cat, one of the world’s ugliest cats, was considered to have been formed around 2004 from a mix between a Sphynx and an American Curl.

Let us compare them to Dobby from the Harry Potter movies and Master Yoda from Star Wars. 

The curling ears, which are a consequence of the American Curl, as well as the hairlessness, which is a manifestation of the Sphynx, are the most distinguishing features of this cat. These elf-eared kittens look like wizened ancient aliens rather than cats!

Owners must ensure their cats do not become chilled in a draft or scorch in the heat. Furthermore, sticky elves who are always sweating require regular skin care. 

6. Minskin

Minskin Cat

The Minskin was created around the beginning of the century when a native Boston breeder Paul McSorley mixed a hairless Sphynx with a Munchkin. Subsequently, he introduced the Burmese and Devon Rex to the mix.

They are cats with hairless genes with fur spikes on the tail, legs, ears, nose, and face. Like the Munchkin cat, they have tiny legs, enormous ears, and big eyes. They appear to be crouching all of the time!

The Minskin is loving, extroverted, and bright in terms of personality. Minskins are susceptible to Lordosis because of their tiny legs.

This is a disorder in which the spine dips and puts pressure on internal organs such as the heart, trachea, and lungs.

7. Sphynx

Sphynx cat

You could have predicted that the Sphynx would make our roundup of ugliest cat breeds. Whether you like them or not, their distinct appearance has polarised the globe.

They were developed in the 1960s due to a spontaneous genetic mutation and improved via selective breeding. 

Hair loss is a typical genetic condition in cats, and the Sphynx arose via genetic manipulation of these cats.

Even though they all appear hairless, some Sphynx may have a tiny covering of thin fur that is difficult to notice unless you get up close.

And there are no large, bushy tails. Tails of sphynxes are long, slender, and tapering. Furthermore, they have bigger paw pads than regular cats, making them appear to be wearing shoes a size too large! 

8. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat is easily identified by its lovely, long ears and wide-laid eyes. They are not to everyone’s taste.

This cat’s ears are huge and upright, while the face is small and crushed. Their wrinkled necks are offset by their almost flawless triangular faces. 

The Devon Rex’s body is exceptionally muscular, with a tapered tail. These furries can have silky, straight hair or curled or suede-like fur.

This cat’s temperament doesn’t make it any less strange. Some people compare this cat to a dog or even a monkey.

They are bright, eccentric, mischievous, and brimming with life. It’s like having a tornado cat in your home!

9. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Typically cats’ coats are made up of three layers of fur: the outside fur or “guard hairs,” a middle layer termed the “awn hair,” and the undercoat, which is exceedingly thin and roughly 1 cm long. Cornish Rexes have a silky undercoat that is curled, which is unusual. 

It is also available in several patterns, including solid, striped, tortoiseshell, tuxedo, and color accent.

The Cornish Rex is further distinguished by its enormous ears and egg-shaped skull. This is a genuinely unusual and one-of-a-kind cat.

10. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Short hair

Exotic Shorthairs have only been recognized as a breed since the 1960s. They are similar to Persian cats but lack a long, luxurious coat. These unattractive cat species, like Persians, are actually incredibly adorable (for some!). 

They have stubby noses, hollow cheeks, and tiny ears. They even have bristly hairs protruding from between their toes.

After more mating with Burmese and Russian Blue cats, the cat developed a flat, round face, huge eyes, broad shoulders, and short, straight legs, making it one of the ugliest cat breeds.

The relative of these furry creatures, called American shorthair, is known to have a muscular body.

11. LaPerm

LaPerm Cat

This extraordinary breed is opposite from the fur-free kittens we’ve described at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The LaPerm breed emerged in 1982 with the birth of a kitten called Curly. The kitten was born hairless, but as it grew older, it acquired curly hair.

LaPerms appear to be the result of a disastrous salon appointment. The fur might get thick and curly, clumping into heavy coils, or it can piece off and appear as if the cat was accidentally let out during a storm or rainfall. 

When brushed, these wispy felines do not look half terrible, but when left alone, LaPerms become haggard and scraggly faster than any other breed.

Our is the most modest of all the cats in this collection. They have a more normal cat temperament. They can get along well with other humans and pets if they are adequately socialized as kittens.

12. Oriental cat

Oriental Cat

The Oriental cat has a short-haired body, a long neck, a funny wedge-shaped head, floppy ears, and a slender, long tail.

It appears weird but elegant. Not all cat enthusiasts think the breed is lovely and believes the cat insights a feral appearance!

Animals with intellectual ability and developed intuition are easily smitten by their devotion and tenderness.

Orientals regard their master as a superior deity who one must faithfully worship. They expect a person to return their kindness, gratitude, and devotion. The oriental shorthair cat appeals to fans of anorexic supermodels.

Summary table for the ugliest cat in the world

Cat BreedAppearance
LykoiWere wolf-like features
DonskoyHairless with strange whiskers
PeterbaldNarrow mandibles and wrinkled skin
Ukrainian LevkoyInward-folding ears and fur
Elf CatHairless and alien-like 
MinskinFur spikes with enormous ears and eyes
SphynxHairless with bigger paw pads
Devon RexTriangular faces and tapered tail
Cornish RexEnormous ears and egg-shaped skull
Exotic ShorthairFlat, round face, huge eyes, and short, straight legs,
LaPermThick curly hair clumping into heavy coils
Oriental CatFunny wedge-shaped head and floppy ears

Story of Ugly Bat Boy: The ugliest cat in the world

Ugly bat boy

The ugly animal stories, and cat stories in this context, are often based on myths with angry appearances.

Not this ugly boy! This non-fictional creature can be the ugliest of uglies. The article from people pets stated the cat often shocked children and even adults due to its looks. 

The cat, however, was the prized pet of veterinarian Dr. Stephen Bassett. The established breed of cat is still unknown.

The cat was recognized by the absence of hair on the back, pale eyes, and a chest full of hair.

Dr. Stephen Bassett had different thoughts about the cat that lived outdoor for more than 7 years.

He thinks that the Ugly bat boy is a beautiful cat breed, and his face looks strikingly handsome. The ugly bat boy might be the happiest creature at the time of death in 2013.

The story shows the choice for people matters the most to select the feline friend. The body shape or grumpy appearance does not matter for cat owners if they truly appreciate the inner beauty.

Not every kitten is a fluffy ball of fur, but even unattractive cats may make for some charming feline companions.

While any breed of cat may produce an ugly kitten now and again, many people believe that the Sphynx is the world’s ugliest cat.

A cat, ugly or not, is a lovely pet to have.

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